Processing systems for live shellfish
The Franken processing systems for live shellfish are characterised by their careful treatment. It is obvious that, depending the product to be treated, other processes are required. A clam requires a different treatment than a mussel. What matters is  careful treatment. Stress is the cause of high mortality, which results in shorter shelf life of the product in the (super-) market. Recuperation or revitalisation of the shellfish during the treatment process is the most important issue. Breathing spells in the process of live shellfish treatment are created by the Franken-technology to ensure that the animal feels relaxed and, as a final safeguard, to reduce its metabolism by the “Vitaplus” procedure.

Plenty of possibilities
As “the expert” Franken can deliver complete processing lines for fresh shellfish. From a hundred of kilos to capacities of over 12 ton per hour. Processing fresh shellfish can be sub-divided into the following stages:
• Harvest
• Pre-cleaning 
• Re-watering (purification)
• Processing (debyssing, inspection)
• “Vitaplus” treatment (cooling bath)
• Packing