Adjustable and fixed size classes
A large number of possibilities in the field of sorting and grading are available and, in the end, the product specification and the processor’s wishes will determine what machine will be appropriate for this specific application. When making a choice, supply and discharge systems play an important role. Some of the options are:

• Grading machines with or without washing sections 
• Grading machines for 2 to 5 different fractions during continuous transport
• Machines to separate meat from shells and/or meat from shell particles 
• Grading unit for different fractions of IQF mussel meat
• Machines to seperate waste and/or shell particles

Sorting and grading with large and small sized advantages
Franken machines are easily accessible for cleaning from all sides. This saves time and enhances productivity and efficiency. Our machines are in accordance with international regulations for use in the food industry. Furthermore, Franken machines distinguish themselves by:
• Reliable, repetitive and accurate operation
• You distinguish yourself in relation to the competition (“trend-setter”)
• High quality, resulting in fewer complaints of the consumer
• Minimal maintenance, which means reduction of personnel
• Product collection and discharge systems with care for the product