Your guarantee is meat yield
For meat processing systems the main aim is separating the meat from the shell. The meat yield (meat recovery) is an important measuring point. By meat yield, the relation in percents, is meant between meat and the whole (fresh) shellfish. A meat yield as high as possible automatically means retaining the maximum quality of the shellfish meat as end-product.

Usually the pre-cleaning procedure for meat processing is similar to that of fresh shellfish processing. Then the actual meat process starts.

Many roads lead to Rome
The initial condition and the desired final condition of the product are the main criteria on which a meat processing line is based upon. It is impossible to mention them all. However, the most commonly applied systems consist of the following components:
• Conditioning unit
• Pressure cooker or “Shucker”
• Meat – shell separator
• Fine separator

Additional techniques and technologies may be necessary, such as:
Atmospheric cooking, Blanching, Cooling, Freezing, Glazing, Hardening, Sterilising, Pasteurising, etc. For these techniques Franken has tailor-made solutions.

Franken’s many years of experience in the field of shellfish meat processing has resulted in systems in which  accuracy and controllable processing are at the top.