Process of pre-cleaning
Pre-cleaning is very important for both the fresh shellfish processing and the shellfish meat processing industry. It is obvious that you do not opt for processing waste in the end. Waste among the product causes damage to the product itself and the processing machines. Therefore it is of major importance to remove the waste from the product in the earliest possible stage.

A solution for every kind of waste 
For all these different kinds of wastes, Franken has developed techniques and machines for de-stoning, de-clumping, de-substrating (net socks), cleaning, separating and pre-sorting. The ultimate goal is to supply the fresh shellfish or shellfish meat processing lines with a uniform and clean product.

Pre-cleaning is carried out with respect for the product. The shellfish are subjected to a minimum of stress, subsequently resulting in a longer shelf life and minimal damage, thus guaranteeing an optimum quality.

• De-stoners (with stone collecting tank or stone discharge conveyor)
• Sand and silt filters 
• Knife, vertical and brush declumpers 
• Roller and cylindrical sorters
• Washing cylinders and conveyors
• De-barnacling units
• Waste water filters
• Empty shell separators