Economic storage, quality enhancement and logistics improvement 
After harvesting and pre-cleaning shellfish a temporary storage is, or can be, necessary before further processing takes place. Reasons for this can be:
• Purification (bacteriological) of the shellfish meat
• Wet (buffer) storage of live shellfish
• De-sanding, de-silting and / or cleaning of the digestive tract of the shellfish
• A separate (special) pre-treatment necessary for the onward process
• Revitalisation of the shellfish

Vertical circulation, “The ideal solution”
The system has been modularly composed and thus flexibly assembled. When required, the system can be easily extended with, for example, seawater cooling, UV-filters, fine filters, bio filters, etc. System removal without high costs for civil works is possible without problem. When designed, much attention was given to the ease of installation, making it possible that the system is quickly installed eventually with local assistance.

Your advantages
By bringing the shellfish back to optimal condition before processing one obtains (when processing with modern processing machines) a healthy, safe and an “A” class quality end product. Quality “A” means the highest possible recovery and subsequently more profit from your investments. Other advantages are:
• The materials applied have been approved for use in the food industry and will subsequently be approved of by the local veterinary service
• Smooth surfaces with consequently minimal cleaning and disinfecting time
• Minimal staff
• Logistics with conformity to present standards
• Minimal energy consumption